expressives and explosives collected along the way

Departure from the Queens Bath

Kauai Hawaii

a letter from Friend:

you just left the beach with your board and are swimming out into the sea. only instead of stopping a little ways out and saying you want to surf smaller waves… you’ve said, ya know i have been surfing fun waves, but mainly smaller ones. i want to find the root of the small waves and ride them all the way. so you decided to swim pass where you usually do. from the beach it can seem like such a beautiful view… you get out there on the wide ocean and it can seem pretty intense. you never know what exactly is going on out there… whats around you, what sharks are lurking. but just remember, you only swam out to the big waves because you got so good at riding the small waves. sharks attack in shallow water too though- and you dealt with them there. where you wouldnt even expect the sharks. so now just remember god is with you. i am with you. our angels are with you. do not have fear. the sharks smell it. remember the passion of your soul like a screaming electric guitar in your own personal mastered solo- crying out with all your vengeance and all your might to the stars. inspire your eyes and focus on your periphreal vision as you move forward. you will see all that way. and just stay lose and ready… cus soon your wave is about to come. and your going to have to paddle faster and stronger than you ever have before. dont worry, because once again you have been building your whole life up to this moment you are evolved flawlessly for what ever you want to do. YOU ARE READY. the more you strive for your paddle the more you will harness it. but dont ever forget to remember the beautiful water shimmering as you ride upon it. breathe in the fresh sea air. and never forget – i love you girl.
Boston+New York City+Los Angeles+Tucson+Mexico


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