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In response to the Support for the Legalization of Marijuana

The fight for medicinal marijuana continues to be an uphill battle. Some supporters of this alternative and safe method for pain relief are blatently making light of the side effects attributed with this drug. I fear that the supporters who consistantly bring up points of “getting high” and “tripping out” as a postive benefit will continue to discredit the hard work it takes to fight for the a rightful place in the medicinal world.

Pharmaceutical medications often produce inherent side effects quite similar to medicinal marijuana. It is common the amount of medication that is necessary to relieve the pain associated with certain disease causes far more impairment than any dosage of marijuana prescribed.

Levelheaded support is the only way the government, lobbyists, and medical community will take notice to the factual evidence that researchers have painstakingly made in recent years.
It is up to our community to create an unyielding pragmatism that achieves the respect medicinal marijuana deserves. It is only in this behavior we will begin to create a perspective that will influence others to recognise and acknowledge the benignancy that is marijuana.

From the LA Times
Marijuana reduces HIV neurological pain: study Gay AIDS groups renew push for legalizing medicinal use


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