expressives and explosives collected along the way

last day in the bean

March 19. 2007
It was the aroma of strong coffee that smelled like it could be chewed that beckoned me from slumber Monday morning. It wasn’t until day light began that I finally got out of bed; my senses wanted the all encompassing breakfast today, fried egg with smoked munster cheese over a english muffin with just a dash of mustard. Mmmm! My belly grumbles. I have mixed emotions about disturbing my father early in the morning, as it is the only time during the day for himself. Do i jump on the chance to visit my father while I have the opportunity to? It was 6 a.m. as I quietly entered the kitchen. Two cups of coffee that makes the “french roast” bean seem elementary in taste, quickly awakens my senses. Feeling exceptionally pleasant considering the hour, a hearty breakfast is offered and taken up by my equally hungry papa, as well as a hand with morning chores.

Ready to jump on the opportunity to wake my sister in the most amusing way possible, I decide upon a birdcall/opera line; echoes bounce off from the hardwood floors. At last, sweet retaliation for the years of her high pitched shrieks up and down the halls past my bedroom as a teenager. Thankfully, granted the title of Big Sister, I am exempt from any of Ollie’s harsh criticism she contributes to the rest of the family. Crawling into her warm bed, I continue the sibling ways of showing affection by snuggling up close, while continuing my serenade of birdcall/opera meters.

My Mew’s suggestion of my sister taking the day off to spend time with me, has both of us crawling up the walls with excitement. So what did we do with our unsupervised quality time? We ran to the On-Demand Tele where we searched high and low for my sister’s new favorite, JAWS. After an unsuccessful search, we opted for the cult classic, Big; starring young Tom Hanks. In celebration of our youth, we paused our movie and ran upstairs to get appropriate munchies: 1 tub of pre-made cookie dough, 1 giant bag of Doritos, Pepsi (blech, this was my sister’s choice, as I am an faithful Coca-Cola drinker), 1 slim fast (did I already mention I gained 10 lbs. while at my parents?), and bottled water. On a scale of 1-10, my suggestion of film scored a sweet 7.8 on my Sister’s Rating.

The next few hours I taught my sister about the magical world of P2P file sharing. Whilst Ollie’s searches are based around the sounds of Fall Out Boy and Akon, it was fun neverless. Of course all this learning did wonders to our appetite as we destroyed the kitchen. My Mew was a little startled upon returning home to find a mix of tortillas, mozzarella, hot pockets and other random odds and ends strewn around our “work area”.

It was off to a nap for me at this point in the story. Woke to a family gathered around the table ready to share our last meal together. Had the ever-frightening conversation of Life Plans with the parents and then to the packing bit, Bed by 3 a.m


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