expressives and explosives collected along the way

Tueday the 20th: Discovery of the band Metric

Ever get the sneaking suspicion you will bump into someone you know? It was this very feeling that danced in my head while my little zebra print ballet flats carried me through the JFK airport. While I didn’t exactly know any of them personally, nor really recognise any of these individuals at first, I did notice a peculiar energy from a band that was sharing a table close by. Curiosity always kills this kitty- as I peered around looking for any signs that may indicate who they were . . . Turns out it was Trail Of Dead straight out of TEXAS!!! Whooo. Gotta love it. Gotta love the common bond of home! I couldn’t for the life of me recall which of my girlfriends had dated the lead singer. Perhaps it will come to me at a later time. . . but funny thing while this was going on . . . as I’m spying errr. . . people watching I notice a fellow taking a picture of me, so I smiled! Turns out to be the creative director of a National Irish Publication and had the most wonderful conversation of art and travel. Nothing like a strangers energy to inspire you to follow the inner most creative desires. Introductions to his friends included a singer/songwriter that lives in Oregon that was returning from a recent trip to Ireland. So perhaps this is my next move from California after all . . . is the Pacific Northwest the next move? High Altitude, Snow, Fresh Water, Ocean , Beautiful Summers, High Quality of Living . . . hrmm . . .


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