expressives and explosives collected along the way

tidbits and timely photos

Headed over to Santa Monica for fun one afternoon. Immediately took off my socks and ran to the ocean. (I’ve never been the same since Hawaii.) Walked down to the pier where I found this Fantastic little fortune teller.

Loved that the city was so bright and colourful. Didn’t have time to ride ferris wheel, next time! Why can’t more cities have parking lots like this?

Ate at the fantastic Barefoot in Los Angeles, cuisine that is just sinful! Really just a quick bite before big dinner plans. The building reminds me of the vertical garden, Musée du Quai in France. It would be easy to get lost in thought here. Next time it’s out on the patio for me!

Then it was off to dinner at “THE BELMONT”- seems to be an IT place to eat here too. Dinner was fantastic- Drinks were equally as impressive. All in all the night was the tops- sharing compelling conversation, sipping the finest of espresso martinis late into the night. Laughter carried us back to the Frenchman and the Writer’s house in the “middle of the jungle”- I didn’t know that amount of greenery was possible here in L.A.


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  1. Gabriel

    Your picture means a thousand lovely words that can not be described easily, it is just wonderful and the light of the pictures really seems to come alive, the writings about you journey are not ones to be taken lihgtly,

    Thank you,


    April 9, 2007 at 08:05

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