expressives and explosives collected along the way

Marvins Musik bewegt sich im Rhytmus der Tageszeit und zelebriert

DJ-Kultur in verschiedensten Facetten.

Remixt mit Live-Session von Special Guests.
Marvin’s Music moves to the rhythm of the time of day

and celebrates DJ-Culture in the most diverse facets.

Remixes with Live Session from Special Guests.


The Swiss, known for precision and their insular culture, have done it once again-
only this time the schedule conincides with the right beats to get our boogie on.
Depending on the time of day, will tailor the music to fit the appropriate rhythm and mood one might expect from the very progressive Canton of Zürich.

Musical Mastermind, Oliver Scotoni, also responsible for, has created behind the concept of a “500 Tage 500 Song Countdown”. Combining 5 dimensions, Marvin attempts to capture the audience through Music, Gastromonie, House Product, & “wir- und du” (that’s we and you). There is an immediate sense of being amidst a crescendo of global counterculture that will change our perspective of interactive media.

A 500 day countdown? Don’t worry, they don’t know what for either! Whether this is an act of being thorough or just biding time for something even more extreme- the fact remains during this time this Swiss platform has ample time to define what exactly it wants to communicate. Performance from the likes of Oliver Scotoni, Minus 8, and even a Ladies Night with The Turntable Babes are sure to start a buzz in the musical scene. Extending their hospitality to the international community, progressive minds alike are able to collaborate to create a new language that will become the Pulse of Tomorrow and a force to be reckoned with. The artist Uwe Walkner, formerly with G-Stone records, widely popular due to the success of Kruder and Dorfmeister, is one of these fortunate souls chosen to take part in the 500 days of festivites.


As for the Gastromonie, the Marvin team has gone extra lengths to provide a undeniably unique experience. Headquartered from the Helvetia Bar in Zürich, service begins at lunchtime with lighter options; an antipasti plate or pizza for 10 CHF. The ambient notes floating within the building chosen by Oliver Scotoni, as if saying “Bon Ap!” If stopping by early evening to enjoy the relaxing grooves is more appealing, you could get really up close and personal with Marvin by drinking their exclusively brewed beer, the Marvin Grand Reserve, compliments of the Hause Falken. This smooth refreshment is only one aspect of the house product Marvin provides. With the beat gradually growing in excitment, one could easily stake a claim for a seat and enjoy an all inclusive dinner for around 25CHF. A variety of pasta dishes as well as soup combinations inlcude salad, mineral water, and coffee. And if sweet amusement was in the running, one could opt for the “Barry White” dessert: the ultimate in seduction somewhere between a Brownie and Cheesecake.

Other house products to look out for? Every two weeks a list compiled of the top 14 songs will be released to the public on the website for audio pleasure. While a streaming link allows visitors experience Marvin connected to the internet, the “On-the-Go” Gal or Guy can purchase this playlist via iTunes. Not only is this allowing for the local and international scene to support such an event, but also allowing a voice for a growing basis of constituents calling for more programming like the ones of and

And with an attitude that resonates with Swiss Culture:

“Wir machen Marvin für uns. Trotzdem ist Marvin offen für alle.”
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
“We make Marvin for us. Nevertheless Marvin is open for all.”


c/o Helvetia Bar
Stauffacherquai 1
8004 Zürich
Reservationen: 044 242 41 30 ist Miguel Alvarez, Oliver Scotoni, Leopold Weinberg und Stefan Roth.


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