expressives and explosives collected along the way


white sands, new mexico

this is what you call a minor detour on the way to the Grand Canyon



Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona

The World’s Most Preserved

Meteor Crater, privately owned, Arizona


Wasatch National Park, Utah

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Mountain Flower

Mirror Lake, Utah

palm springs and other desert cities

Late in the week explored Venice to check out the scene and to stick my feet back in the sand. Went to muscle beach- I guess that muscles and over sized gold chains are in style these days. I hung out around the skate park and graffiti artists- standard for the Venice scene. All in all it was a fantastic day!

Of course there was work involved . . . all for the love of music videos.

On Saturday I woke up to free VIP tickets for Friday and another set of standard tickets for Saturday at the 3 Day music festival Coachella. I read they sold over 120.000 tickets! Saw a slew of awesome performances, crazy art installations, and a massive amount of dance party LOVE! Adventure started with a 5 hour car ride out of L.A. Yikes! Got to the show and caught Interpol, Brazilian Girls, Faithless (Stand-up performance), DJ Shadow and Bjork!

Saturday was filled with energetic kids from all walks of life, ready to dance and have a good time. I saw DJ Heather, Busy P & DJ Medhi, Rejina Spektor, Peter, Bjorn & John, !!!, Kings of Leon, Blonde Redhead, Ozomatli, LCD Soundsystem, Gotan Project, Red Hot Chili Peppers, the first 10 minutes of Tiesto, and then headed to the smaller DJ grounds for some bass pumping grooves! At the end of the night I passed out like a baby . . .

Back in L.A. now for some rest before the week. Looking into future flights across the States. Wonder where I’ll land . . .