expressives and explosives collected along the way

White happens to be my favorite colour.

March 2006 At 3103m above sea level, the world-class ski village of Zermatt Switzerland disapears, it seems the mountainous region has aborbed all signs of life leaving one with a feeling of isolation and pure adventure. I have been told that these mountains are home to the longest runs in the world, the more advanced Black Diamonds an astonishing 8 miles of pure snow bliss. A cloud of hot air escapes from my lips giving away my growing anxiety about learning to snowboard for the first time. Hours will pass making my way down the pistes, a near run in with death from a wipe out that brought me within inches of a construction site filled with jagged concrete shapes, a run in with a 60 year old alpine snowboarder that caused my elbow to crack in two places, and still with miles of run before me, I am left with no option other than to get up and painfully make my way down the mountain.
I leave my experience physically wounded yet eager to heal for next season when I can do it again. It was the spark that has fueled a burning desire to ride again.

February 2007 With international travels at the forefront of my mind and the chaos of the “cardboard corral” in Texas behind me, I ease myself into the rhythm of New England family life. Fortune would have it that this includes Season Passes at Wachusett Mountain. At a mere 611m, these local slopes seem more appropriate for a novice of winter sport. I brace myself on the lifts for the soreness that will become of my behind. A small prayer and quietening of the mind during the slow ascent helps to calm the bouquet of butterflies that has overtaken my belly. img_3861.jpg
My last ride for the night will bring a flood of confidence as I finish with dignified grace. While snowboarding, I begin to find the zen I have searched for over the years. Day two on the slopes, with fire in my belly, I attempt my first jumps. There is nothing like the feeling of flying through the air. The sound of my board hitting the snow below brings the realisation I have landed successfully! Girlish shrieks of delight fill the air as I spray powder in every direction slowing down to where my sister is waiting. High fives are exchanged as we head to the lodge to thaw and refuel. img_3878.jpg My only picture of the happenings . . . taken after a wipe out.


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